About ArchiTec


The inspiration behind the ArchiTec brand came from our desire to travel the world, experience the outdoors and to look great doing it. Designed and built in California, we incorporate ethical and sustainable, modern design with performance technical fabrics that are meant to transition to any adventure and last a lifetime



Go and See

We build apparel to take dreams into action and inspire people to see the world.

Each collection will be inspired by and quality tested in a unique locale.

Life is about connection, and we want to collaborate and connect with our customers to build products and experiences that support their passions.

Kafka would have wanted comfortable clothes.

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We use high performance technical fabric that can endure many types of environments and maintain the highest level of quality.

Bringing together the best talent in the industry to produce the highest calibar product.

We aim to balance function, style and experience to develop limited edition pieces that will last a lifetime.

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Build Cool shit & less of it

We want the world to be here for future explorers, so sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

We are one of the few brands that trace our materials back to the growers and ensure they use ethical and sustainable practices.

We aim to always leave no trace and hope to use our brand to support local communities we are involved with and contribute positive outcomes towards environmental issues.