When we initially talked about starting a brand, we discussed not only the what but also the why, which developed into our Mission, Vision and Values. We would have late night wine infused whiteboard sessions that would provide comic relief in the morning, but most of the ideas stuck. This was important, because I've learned over time, that people don't just buy what you make, they buy why you make it. Our ArchiTec core values have evolved to: 

  • Seeking and sharing new adventures

  • Encouraging others to find theirs

  • Having the right gear to explore

  • Building and buying less

  • Building sustainable and ethical practices into everything we do

  • Contributing positive outcomes for Earth and communities we interact with

To celebrate the first Earth Day since our brand launch, we decided to partner with 350BayArea.org, a local branch of 350.org, formed to combat climate change in the Bay Area (home of our headquarters) and beyond. 350.org is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis from the bottom up with thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries. 350 means climate safety.

For the rest of 2018 Earth Week-April 22-29th, ArchiTec will offer free shipping on all orders and donate 10% of each order to 350BayArea to fight against climate change with the hope that our planet will be around for future generations to explore and enjoy.