Field Test 01: Baja Off-Road

Racing UTV’s with the Livingstone

Since we built the Livingstone overshirt to hold up to the harshest terrains, the Sierra de la Laguna mountains seemed like an obvious choice for our first road test.  Having summited the highest peak, Picacho de la Laguna (elev. 2,161 m) and experienced the 8 contrasting ecosystems a few years ago, we were excited to go off roading in this amazing desert.

For this test we required: 2 UTV's from Blacksheep Motorsports (, 3 cameras,1 drone, 2 Livingstone overshirts, and one big pile of dust...everything needed to mess these shirts up. We wound our way around limestone boulders and giant cardon cactus at speeds up to 70 miles an hour for a morning of ridiculous fun.


The Livingstone came out like a champ. The cotton waxed canvas kept us cool in the hot sun, fended off stinging branches and looked generally badass while climbing on boulders. We shook off more dust than from our bodies and took it to the beach bonfire later that night.